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1. Virus Removal

One of the biggest problems our clients face are online attacks against their computer systems. These attacks commonly called viruses can virtually render your computer, or even worse, your entire network useless until they are successfully removed. We remove all types of infections from Trojan Viruses, Malware, Spyware and Worms. If you have found yourself infected, don’t fear, we deal with that daily!

2. Data Recovery / Transfer Services

Whether you have been attacked and need your data cleaned or simply need to get all of those important emails, contacts and documents transferred over to a new computer, our qualified technicians can help.

3. Network Troubleshooting

Most of the time if your network has been setup properly you should not experience any issues. However, things can happen that are unforeseen, like storms, a power plug getting knocked loose, or even older components wearing out. Our qualified technicians are well trained in getting to the root of the problem and getting your Wired or Wireless Network back up to speed quickly and efficiently with as little downtime as possible.

4. Email & Internet Problems

ATS Technicians are trained to deal with all kinds of email related issues from not being able to send and receive mail to helping our client’s setup new email addresses from start to finish. If you are having email problems we can help with that too!

5. Network Design, Configuration & Implementation

We can setup a simple, but secure wireless network well suited for most residential clients as well as more complex business networks complete with Hardware based Firewalls to help ensure that your data stays safe and secure. We can also setup free quest wireless access to enhance your existing network’s capabilities.

6. Printing Installation & Troubleshooting

ATS Technicians also can assist you with troubleshooting or installing all types of printers both USB and networked. Have an iPad and want to print? We can help you set that up as well with the new ePrint enabled printers.

7. Backup Design / Disaster Recovery

When it comes to your data no one cares more than Affordable Technology Solutions, LLC. We can custom tailor a backup solution to protect your valuable data in case of a hard system crash or virus attack.

8. Tutoring Sessions

Want to learn more about computers? We offer both On-Site as well as Remote Tutoring Sessions for everything from the simplest of task to more complex concepts. ATS Technicians will access your current skill sets and show you how to improve upon them or become a more advanced user than you already are. We are not like most IT firms in the industry, we truly enjoy educating our clients.

9. New Technology Setups

Just bought a new iPad, Droid, Laptop or any new piece of technology and need assistance setting it all up and configuring it to meet your specific needs? We do that too. Schedule and on-site support session to setup your new gadgets in the comfort of your own home or office. We also specialize in turn key operations for retiring old computers and transferring all of your data to your brand new computer. We can also help you setting up your new computer to print properly as well as connecting it to your network. Whatever your need is we can help.

10. Laptop / Desktop / Mobile Device Repair

Has your Laptop, Desktop or mobile devices stopped functioning properly? We can help you fix all your problems from hardware related issues to software related problems. Mobile Devices have become more and more popular these days and this is also an area where repairs can be needed. Remember, if you take the mobile device back to where you bought it, like a big box store, they are more than likely going to try and simply sell you a new one rather than fix your old one. At ATS we take a different approach! Sometimes simply removing the battery of a “Bricked or Dead” iPhone, iPad or Droid will bring it back to life. We have the special tools necessary to dismantle your Mobile Device and attempt repairs. If we cannot resolve your Mobile Device issues we will gladly point you in the direction of someone who can.

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